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Monday, May 1st 2017


Mid-Spring Entry

Well, I have wanted to tell you that the endoscopy has been done at my local hospital last week, Though that I need an escort who would take me to and from my local hospital, biopsy and pathology results would follow this week,

But it is ruled in or not that I could be having a little bit of celiac disease. and I was told I can't eat so much before bedtime.

It turns out, the procedure has been virtually painless, I was given a milky substance that's called propofol for it, so that There was less likely for complications.    All I know is that I wanted those problems about Gastroesphological Reflux to be behind me altogether, period.


  Here's something that's interesting about me,  There are two molars that are buried beneath my gums on my lower right ridge of my mouth, have never emerged!!!  that was evidence according to the X-Rays.

  The two molars that are trapped in the gums have not yet emerged, and they will likely never will.

  The two molars on my lower left ridge have had to be pulled in 2006, possibly that the dentist evidented that the enamel was in really bad shape, and decided to take it out.

The Fatman has left the area and decide to move on his own ways down south, the Funny man whose actual identity is unknown to many people:  has been hosting the Morning show on 100.3 the Point for about ten years until early March of this year,  though I don't listen to a lot of radio myself, sometimes it is interesting on what he had to yak about instead of listening to those same old and boring music all the time on the waves.

Radio is good, it is usually cost-effective that maintaining TV stations.

and since the Fatman left: I may have to adjust getting to listen to Walt and Kyle on Sunny 101.9 on some mornings, mostly when I have to get up early and go to work a few hours later.

peace out, fat man, peace out.

  And you realize you never hear Bob Marley on the radio.... duh?

  DO you know on how radio stations get their revenue? local advertisers.

When I have moved to Marquette back in mid-2014, and I also have lived close to a campus community, and have do you realize on what is missing, lots of citizens don't realize it, but you don't see too many of those greek letters on houses of fraternities and sororities near the Northern Michigan University Campus.

  There happens to be a greek orthodox church in Marquette, but it is a small church building.

And around the community, The happens to be a Pocket Park somewhere on Washington Street that looks like it is being run by a few people, his name is Phil Nemiesto,  looks like he is still being dedicated to serving the community despite being in his own retirement age, to this day.

Phil is into his 75-85 age range, and every now and then I see him carrying around with a squeegie and a pail of cleaning solution, looks like he is about to wash some windows for local businesses within his own commmunity

What a jolly old fart he is, and we praise him.


THE FUTURE OF THIS BLOG:  Within this year, I may start a brand new blog, though I am not moving out this year.   Personally when and almost everyone else uses and maintains a facebook page for themselves. I don't get monetary support for this resource, I've been procrastinating,  likely this may be why I don't get very many comments on the blog.

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Thursday, April 6th 2017



  NBC Today's Weatherman Al Roker has made a rare appearance inside the superior Dome on the Morning of March 28th, Al Roker was determined to break a world record about freeze tag, which only NMU students could get participate in, and he had all of 634 students, which is roughly over 8% of NMU's enrollment. on the turf, while about a few, up to 50 to 100 of them can reposition like chickens with their heads cut off, which most of the students on the turf had to stand like a tree and cannot move at all,

the day before, Al was greeted by Wildcat Willy with a band of cheerleaders at K.I.  and it wasn't too long before he was acquainted to have someone to have him abroad, along with the cameramen, tour different parts of the University.


Roker has visited four other Universities around the country on the same week, and his trip up to the U.P. was his very first.

The NMU Football Schedule has been released a little later than expected, as they were unable to fill all eleven spots in their schedule, The Wildcats whether or not that they would like to have a rematch with the Angelo State Rams;  It's a long, long bus ride to Texas from Michigan, but this may prove the team their prowessness that the as Varsity Players, but on the upside, the long bus ride will going to give them, along with the coaching staff, more time to prepare.

And Also:  when there were some colleges from the Great Lake Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, or GLIAC, mostly from the state of Ohio were going to be leaving to go towards a different conference,  making Tiffin and Ashland would eventually become the only two universities left in the Gliac for Ohio.  

The Wildcats will only have four home games this year at da dome, including the last game of the regular season against Northwood.


I have had to get a replacement battery with 906 Technologies, they're the guys that who fixes tech/computer stuff in Mqt. Township somewhere behind Culvers.

before I have had this problem with my 2.8 year old iPhone, I get this error message all the time saying to me that 'this accessory (charging cord) may not be supported' keeps popping up at random times, and I had to elimin8 the message everytime when it pops up.

Maybe it's old age, and more of a cardinal sin that I concurrently use it while charging the thing.  Perhaps this may be why the battery life has been getting shorter and shorter.

It took them about 4-5 hours to have them replace the battery, and I had to come back on the same day just to retrieve it, though it cost me a little over $60,

I also have had them to repair my laptop last month, as well as giving them a new enclosure for my External Hard Drive,

And finally around town, there is another extended stay hotel in Marquette that's just opened up that's called 'My Place'  this is only the second extended stay hotel in the Yoop, after Staybridge in the same town.

  Not only that the guests can be able to stay longer for less coin, most rooms have a kitchen, they also have a coffee lounge someplace, and they can allow their pets to come inside too with their owners.

MyPlace of Marquette is the very first location in Michigan, and it's location takes place where the former Perkins' restaurant used to be.


And Finally, I have finally conquered the Game called Zelda's Ocarina of Time a few weeks back, I had Link to defeat Ganon after his aid with Zelda to help him escape Ganon's Castle before it is destroyed,  yeah, having those defenses up as well as a fairy in a bottle in the final battle can really help out;   At one time Link had to wear red to help him with the intense heat at a volcano venue.

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